Vegan Clothing Brands – TOP 12 of 2022

Clemens Kohlbacher
5. December 2022

Vegan Fashion and Clothing is absolutely trending right now. More and more brands are implementing vegan collections and started paying more attention to the materials they use over the past years. It is not only about fur anymore but also all sorts of leathers, wool, silk and other animal derived materials.

We from DAN & MÉZ are really happy about that and are doing our best to further support this ongoing trend. The goal should be to establish a 100% cruelty clothing as the new standard. Therefore we decided to support our fellow vegan clothing and fashion brands and feature the most trending ones right now on our list. Here are the top 12 vegan and cruelty free brands.

Vegan  Clothing –  TOP 12 Brands  

There are obviously a lot more vegan brands out there and the number is continuously growing. This is just a selection of brands are really trending right now and or have been established for a couple of years and offer a great selection of products. All of them are obviously vegan and most of them manufacture under very sustainable conditions. This includes the use of eco friendly material, green energy and less overall impact the environment during the manufacturing process.

In the Soulshine

In the Soulshine is an australian clothing brand that has been growing quite fast over the past couple of course. Probably due to the great amount of youtuber, blogger, instagramer and activists that are wearing their clothing. Their main focus is on t-shirts and tanks and they offer a wide variety with different prints on them for men and women.

For the garment they mainly use GOTS certified organic cotton and their clothing is made in bali. Besides being vegan the company also has very high standards when it comes to sustainability and working conditions. Their office is right next to the manufacturing facility and their workes are paid per piece. Making it possible to earn 40% more than the average wage in Bali according to their website. Their plastic packaging has also been replaced by bio degradable alternatives.

in the soulshine

In the Soulshine is a great brand for everyone who is looking for vegan themed casual tees and tanks. Especially the fact that their are not only vegan but also very sustainable and overall ethical makes them a great choice.

Wills Vegan Shoes

Wills Vegan Shoes is a vegan shoe brand offering all kinds of vegan shoes for any occasion. They have been established in 2012 in London – UK and their product has grown ever since. Starting from casual sneakers over sandals to upscale business shoes they offer a great variety of premium vegan shoes. Now they are also offering some basis clothing and accessoires like belts, wallets and bags.

Wills Vegan Shoes

Since all the materials are entirely plant derived most think they are less durable or uncomfortable when compared to animal. This is certainly not the case. All shoes and accessoires a very well made and are, from our experience, durable and don’t wear out easily. Furthermore they are comfortable to wear and feel great.

The Founder Will Green has started this company with the goal to establish premium vegan footwear for everyone. This is absolutely the case. There is absolutely no compromise on style or looks. At the same time they are 100% vegan and a PETA award winning company. Beyond that they are also focus on very high standards when it comes to working conditions. The whole manufacturing process takes place under E.U laws in Italy and Portugal making sure fair wages are paid and workers have proper insurance.

The packaging is also recyclable and made in an eco friendly way.


Wuxly formerly called Wully Outerwear is a Canadian brand for premium outdoor clothing (what else lol). They  offer parkers, bombers and other jackets for men and women. Currently they only have 4 models each sex on stock. Their main focus is on quality and not quantity. They invest most of their time and effort in improving the quality, materials and functionality of their 100% outdoor wear trying to establish new standards in the industry.


What is really awesome about this company is that they absolutely dedicated about establishing vegan as a new standard for the industry. Therefore they set up their own offer which makes it possible to trade in old jackets and outdoor wear made with animals (leather, wool, fur etc…) for a Wuxly Jacket. They offer up to $215 discount for trading in old jackets! That is real commitment.

In this case the saying you are really getting what you pay for. Premium quality outdoor wear with a proud price. But since you don’t need to buy 10 different winter jackets in the closet and one can lasts several years (or longer) it is absolutely worth the investment.

Beyond Skin

Another company based in London U.K offering a great variety of vegan shoes. They have been established for almost 20 years and were founded in 2001. Although they have a great collection all their models are exclusively for women. Start from trainers over high teels to casual street pumps. Therefore a great brand for vegan women looking for ethical shoes. Most of their used  materials are based on pu (polyurethane) and dinamica (made from recycled plastic bottles). On their website they state that they are continuously trying to improve their sustainability and ethical standards.

Beyond Skin

The manufacturing process takes place in spain which also ensures proper working conditions for the employees. With that being said Beyond Shoes does not only care about animals or the environment but also about humans.


we from DAN & MÉZ are a sustainable and 100% vegan watch brand from Graz, Austria. After beeing successfully funded on kickstarter we decided to revolutionize the watch industry by establishing new standards when it comes to ethics and sustainability without compromising style.

    all our leather straps are made from recycled pineapple leaves.
    all the materials are sustainably sourced.
    every single watch is powered by a Swiss movement, protected by sapphire crystal glass and stainless steel.
vegan watches

Matt & Nat

Matt & Natt has already been featured in our article about sustainable fashion brands and is again mentioned in this one. It is a great company based in Canada. The name derives from the words material and nature. Their whole philosophy is based on sustainability, quality and ethics and they have been on the market since 1995.

Now they are offering all kinds of vegan accessoires mainly focused on bags, wallets and belts. But they are also offering shoes and other small accessoires like sunglasses. Both for men and women. They style is very minimalistic, timeless and classic. They are probably most known for their bags.

matt and nat

All of the materials are 100%vegan, very eco friendly and Mat & Nat is constantly working on new fabrics they can use. Currently they focus a lot on new materials like recycled plastic alternatives, rubber and cork. The working conditions for their employees are by the SA8000 standard which ensures proper conditions and fair wages.


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The Slow Label

The Slow Label is a fashion label founded by influencer, blogger and youtuber Anna Laura Kummer in 2019, Vienna. Kummer’s content has always been around veganism, sustainability and ethics. Her Brand “The Slow Label” represents exactly that in a very minimalistic yet modern way. Currently available are tees, sweatshirts, leggings and bras.

The Slow Label


Della is fashion company from women for women. The vegan clothing label offers unique dresses, tops, bags as well as notebook cases. They work together with local communities in West Africa. Their headquarter is currently L.A but decided to partly manufacture in Ghana to support local communities and create jobs. The combination of humanitarian work combined with ethical fashion is what makes Della unique. Their design are also quite fashionable.



Brave Gentlemen

As a man you should go to Brave Gentlemen. This luxury vegan fashion label from london is uniquenesses at its best. Pieces are very limited and only a couple of collections are released per year. Joshua Katcher the founder has been an ethical vegan for over 22 years and founded Brave Gentlemen to set new standards for luxury mens wear.

Currently available are jackets, footwear, pants, shorts, accessoires, underwear, tops and customsuits as well.


Jill Milan

Jill Milan is a vegan luxury women fashion brand offering accessoires and bags. The label was founded in 2010 by Jill and her husband Milan. Every bag and accessoire is designed and hand made in Italy. Every piece is stitched and sewn by hand. If you are lookin for high quality and craftmanship and Jill Milan is your choice. It is actually more than just fashion it is also a piece of art.

They also participating in philantropic activities and support animal rescues and shelters.

Jill Milan


Poethica is a vegan clothing label for women using all kinds of natural plant based materials. This includes organic cotton, bamboo, hemp, tencel, recycled fibers, pinatex, non cruely silk and more. They are offering very unique styles for all kinds of dresses, tops, bags and accessoires for women. These are definitely not your everyday items. Rather for upscale or special occasions. Prices are also in the upper spectrum. Dresses can cost up to 590€ und bags to 350€.

The whole concept is very unique and special starting with the name which is a mixture of their three core values:

  • Poetry
  • Ethics
  • Karma

vegan fashion

Bleed Clothing

Bleed Clothing is german fashion brand founded by textil expert and skateboarder Michael Spitzbarth. He has been working as a freelancer in the industry for many years until he had enough experience and start bleed clothing in 2008. The name speaks for itsself as bleed stands for avoid all blood / harm during the manufacturing process. To this date is a family owned business with very high standards when it comes to ethics and sustainability.

After over 10 years on the market they offer a great variety of casual wear for men and women. Tees, tanks, hoodies, longsleeves, swim wear and a lot more. Even small accessoires like cork wallets are offered by bleed. It is a rather casual label making everyday clothes. They are constantly working on new collections and products so stay tuned of their new releases.

bleed clothing


Another vegan fashion label founded by a vienna based influencer and blogger. Daria Alizadeh a very well known influencer, activist, blogger and youtuber started her own fair fashion label after quitting fast fashion in 2013. Every since she has been talking about the importance of sustainability and ethics in many areas in life. 

Dariadéh offers mainly tees, longsleeves and hoodies with very minimalistic prints and designs. Every single piece is manufactured in Bangladesh (except for the bag) under supervision of the fair wear foundation. 50 cent per item sold are donated to charities that support people in need.

daria déh

Why choose vegan fashion?

You probably know the answer if you are already vegan. But for those you are interested and on the fence making the switch here are some very important arguments that might help you decide yourself. 

First of all animals are harmed during the manufacturing process of leather. The fashion industry is cruel and profit is the end goal of +99% of the companies. That often leads to unethical treatment and suffering of the animals. Even animals like sheep suffer to some extend when wool is collected.

Lastly why would we net choose vegan clothing? They are so many brands out there doing their best to offer all kinds of products made from plant based materials. Most of them are a little more expensive but the quality is most of the time a lot better. There is no need to buy leather goods whatsoever because there are so many vegan options already on the market. Matter of fact the industry is still very young and there a lot more things to come in the future.

How to check if it is vegan ?

Sometimes shopping for vegan clothing brands can be difficult. Especially in smaller shops or brands that don’t really pay attention to the labeling. But here are some important things to consider when buying vegan clothing / fashion. First of all check the materials being used because they have to be stated somewhere on the garment (most of the time inside). These are vegan:

All of these are plant derived materials or at least cruelty free made materials. No animals are harmed during the making of these materials. But the following are certainly not vegan and should be avoided. 

  • Silk
  • Leather
  • Feather
  • wool
  • fur

But there is also a small chance that colors and glues that are used during the manufacturing process are not vegan. In order to be 100% sure you might want to check the two most important labels for vegan clothing. First of all the very well known PETA Approved Label. If that is not on the product then at least look out for the vegan flower by the vegan society. Both ensure that the product is 100% vegan.

Here is a full video guide by The Vegan Activist for vegan clothing helping you better understand what to look out for.


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The market of vegan clothing and fashion brands is growing rapidly at the moment due to increased interested. More and more people are becoming aware of how their shopping choices affect the planet, animals und us humans. This leads to an increased demand on sustainable and vegan clothing. There are already a lot of very established vegan brands on the market but more are on the way. Even bigger companies are making the switch and releasing new vegan collection or going completely cruelty free.

As a customer the choice has never been greater and making a list like this that does justice is almost impossible since the market is changing so quickly. We will continuously update this list to give you the best shopping options and recommendations. 

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