DAN & MÉZ is based on strong values when it comes to ethics and sustainability. Our whole philosophy is to make a positive impact in the world. That means certain standards not only have to be to be met but also continuously challenged and improved to do so. Just because one meets certain criteria in order to obtain certain labels does not mean one is perfect. Those are just the bare minimum requirements one has to meet. There is also room for improvement and this is what we strive for.


Although we are confident about the status quo and everything we offer we are still working on new ways to improve our company and raise overall standards in the industry. Specifically when it comes to the materials we use, the way we assemble them as well as the overall impact we have on the planet. With that being said let us show what we do right now in order to do so.


Our watches are handmade. Every one of our employees gets paid a fair wage, has insurance and many rights to ensure overall great working conditions.

The watches are manufactured by our partner Malchert in Quedlinburg, Germany. A small manufacturing facility with tradition, passion and premium quality. We are very proud of our german craftsmanship.  

The straps by Rios, a company with over 80 years of experience. They are currently based in Augsburg, Germany.

dan and mez watch

100% Vegan Leather

Obviously products based on animals are neither ethical nor sustainable. We decided right away from the beginning that our whole company and all the products are going to be vegan. 

Currently we use Pinatex a leather based on recycled pineapple leaves for our watches. This benefits not only the animals but also the planet as well as local communities in the Philippines. Currently we are working on further alternatives including leather based on mushroom, grapes / wine, cork,  kombucha (yes kombucha) and wood.

Recycled Packaging

Although watches fortunately do not require much packaging we obviously decided not to use plastic. The boxes are made from cardboard and get shipped in climate neutral paper packages. 

Many people underestimate how much impact the packaging itself has on the environment, especially if it is not reused!

Currently we are working on more exclusive wooden cases that look even nice and are meant to keep a lifetime.

dan and mez made in germany
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