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Meet the people who are as passionate about saving the world as we are and who are part of the DAN & MÉZ Family.

Bianca Taylor

Model & Influencer

Nimai Delgado

Fitness Model & Bodybuilder

Gaz Oakley

Vegan Chef & YouTuber

Anna Engelschall

Fitness Model & Blogger

Brin Dylon

Model & Influencer

Luca Pasquariello

Fitness Model

Eva Lutz

Blogger & Model

Friederike André


Katrina Franchina

Vegan Influencer

Alina Lami


Michelle de Bruijn

Vegan Influencer

Manuela G.

Vegan Influencer

Stephanie letstalkslow


Leo Venus

Doctor & vegan Athlete

Jil Zeletski

Vegan Influencer

Virginia Rox

Vegan Influencer

Luca Marshall Fent

Vegan Influencer

Lucas Randy

Vegan Influencer

Torre Washington

Vegan Influencer & IFBB Pro

Lisa Kuschka

Vegan Influencer

Luisa Schneider

Plantbased Influencer

Spencer Taylor

Influencer & Filmmaker

Noa Ben Moshe

Sustainable Fashion Influencer

Bryant Jennings

Vegan Boxer
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